Thursday, July 30, 2015

The first time a defaced public property didn't come across so bad

Unlike the casual 'i love you' scratchings found on many public/historic monuments (including inside the 2000 year-old Ajanta caves!) that seem to stem out of immature feelings, this came across as a message coming out of a heavy heart - a deep emotional love for a departed elderly relative. Yes,  from an outcomes perspective, both types of messages are equally damaging - the wood doesn't care - but somehow...

This was on Zehnder's wooden bridge that goes across the Cass river. The bridge was built in 1979 (not so old!)

The entrance:

A closer look at the entrance below. Horse carriages are a popular tourist attraction and from what i could gauge, when any of them moves through the bridge cars have to stop till it passes through. but two cars can move in opposite directions. Incidentally, found the horse carriages a rip-off; at $45 for 20 minutes for the family (we were five) with the horse walking through exactly the same places you walked through.

Another look at the beautiful Zehnder's bridge on the beautiful Cass: