Monday, September 11, 2006

The Prez's website. And the PM's?

Dr. Kalam, President of India, one image of statesmanship.

Apparently his website was a great hit on Independence Day. 10 million hits. Link to the news article here.

This is Dr. Kalam's website. The official one. The website speaks. This is from the children's section:
We invite children from India and all across the globe to ask questions on the topic of their choice to Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, The President of The Republic of India. Selected questions and their answers shall be displayed on this site.
Hey, they also have a contest on the website for kids ('Tinkle contest')! . i thought that was cool!

He also has a personal website here. (The footnote says "promoted by his friends and admirers")

Now, if was cool, what happens when you do

Anyway, here is the official website. Compare to the Prez's.


Kshitij L said...


Plumbing manufacturer!!!

Laloo bullshits so much, there's a plumbing manufacturer named after him!

Anonymous said...

When do my site get 1 million hits? :)

Ajith said...

La-loo. Wouldn't have expected anything different from the man!

Sharan Sharma said...

Hi Kshitij,Ajith
Seriously :)...also wonder why that plumbing guy chose a domain name like laloo!

With a hi-fi topics you deal with, i'm really not sure :)

Sharan Sharma said...

sorry...that should've been 'with the hi-fi topics'...

Sandeep Bhasin said...

Difference between the President and Prime Minister is quite startling: The President is only a showpiece. He is there for ‘god knows what’. On the other hand, the Prime Minister has a lot of work to do like keeping Sonia happy, keep left in line with right, give a warning to Pakistan atleast once every day, keep the State Governments sensitized of expected terrorist attacks (and then when the attacks happen visit bomb blast sites and announce relief for those affected), keep an eye on the budget, reservations, flood, drought, postings (not blog postings but postings of Bureaucrats), attend seminars and tell people how great a country India is, give awards (i.e., only if the President manages to duck the function… or is it the other way round???), and of course, visit other nations to participate in ‘mental masturbation’ (or to collect mileage points???).

If you are the Prime Minister of this country, I am sure you will also not get time to post on your blog. (For all you know, he must be having a blog remove his frustration(s)… every day!)

Sharan Sharma said...

that was fun, sandeep :)