Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For a Nintendo

Just interrupting the road trip updates to tell you about this:

"I want to say that those people drinking all that water can get sick and die from water intoxication," said the caller.

"Yeah, we're aware of that," replied a DJ. "They signed releases so we're not responsible, okay?"

A radio show where participants had to drink crazy loads of water, then hold their bladders in order to win some electronic gadget.

A contestant died.

Read about it here

Reminds me of a case in India some years back where a foolish fellow had a bet with his friend, gulped down boiling hot tea which internally burnt his intestines and died. The bet was worth Rs. 10 (~0.2$).

It's interesting to see why people take part in these kind of crazy acivities - including participants of reality shows who seem to love to throw away any kind of self-respect. Money? Fame? Challenge? Boredom? Maybe they feel they've been such losers in life that these activities give them an opportunity to 'prove' something. Crazy.


Sandeep Bhasin said...

i hope you are referring to the shilpa shetty episode in big brother (UK). its crazy! everybody is quite upset here in India... but shilpa has made a cool 3 crores for her appearance in that show. some win...some lose... others (like me) talk!!!

Sharan Sharma said...

yeah, heard about it...and our great govt. has apparently 'swiftly reacted'. Which is correct because it is a critical issue unlike other petty issues like terrorism, illegal immigrants, caste conflicts. Idiots, na?

Kshitij L said...

The great government blocked AXN because they were showing a show on sexy commercials. Believe me, there aren't even nipples on that show. And it was post-11pm.

What'll they block next? Google image search?

Sharan Sharma said...

shhh, Kshitij...not so loud. You might get into trouble

Sandeep Bhasin said...

They have blocked Star Movies as well. our police commissioner says the censor should edit the chase scenes in movies as our youth get negatively affected by these. Tomorrow, they will say please don’t have women in movies… it gives us suggestions and we end up raping women. I am sure; India will become Afghanistan very soon.

p.s.: Shilpa says, there were no racial remarks made against her. Now, she would do anything for money. Anything!

reason said...

Darwin awards. People do it even for free.

Sharan Sharma said...

Hi Reason,
Thanks for dropping by. Wonder who should be nominated for this one. The RJs/ marketing guys or the participants? Maybe all?

Ajith said...

Hi Sharan,
Its the craving for attention that makes these people do these weird acts....of course media fuels it by hyping the ones that succeed and shoving under the carpet the ones that fail....sad but true!

Sharan Sharma said...

Hi Sandeep,
> They have blocked Star Movies as well.

Why don't they just once and for all block all avenues of entertainment. Of but they can't do that. That'll mean even banning politics.

Hi Ajith,
> Its the craving for attention
i guess i put it as fame but i guess attention might be a better way to put it...those five minutes in the limelight holding your bladder - how wonderful!