Saturday, May 05, 2012

Great Service

Was doing some airline bookings for some family members. I had a voucher code for a certain travel portal from my Kotak credit card. Tried to get through the payment twice. Failed. Wasn't sure if it was a card issue or an issue with the portal.

Then went to Kotak surprisingly failed there too. Was going to call the card company when my phone rang. It was an executive (Gurbir) from the Mumbai cleartrip office.

"Sir, i think you've been trying with your card and it isn't going through. Ican help you get through the bookings and hold your reservations till then".

i was happy.

Response speed and the fact that they are eager to prevent a sale (and customer) from going away.

He asked if i could try and use another card of mine and get the bookings done through the IVR. i said i could but didn't know how to get the OTP (One-Time-Password) for my HDFC credit card. He had the number ready with him.

i was impressed.

i sms-ed HDFC, obtained the OTP. Gurbir called again in 2 minutes. He confirmed my schedule and connected me to the IVR. Gurbir just had one more piece of information for me - apparently there was a discount on the ticket and the fare i saw on the website was now Rs. 300 lesser.

i was delighted.

The IVR  process was smooth. After which he came on the phone again confirming the schedule and bookings.

I know one thing now. I am going to do all my bookings from cleartrip. Till they maintain these kind of service levels.

Wonder why the earlier portal didn't try this process out.  Lack of imaginaton? Lack of hunger? Possibly what differentiates a successful business from others in a competitive environment. And what about the credit card company. Wouldn't they get an alert when their card isn't going through for maybe some technical reason? Couldn't they follow up? For time sensitive transactions, i'll think twice before using this card now.


Sandeep Bhasin said...

This is just amazing example of holding on to a customer. I had a similar experience with IndiGo about a year back. I tried but just could not get through. It was just about 3 minutes of me trying and I got a call from IndiGo to help me book the tickets.

With your permission, Sir, I would love to use this case study in my class.

Sharan Sharma said...

> With your permission, Sir, I would love to use this case study in my class.

kya, sir...

Sandeep Bhasin said...

Aaj fish ko bohut khilaya :-)