Friday, March 14, 2014

Lessons from History

Since 'Hitler' seems to be the flavor of the season in India, here's food for thought:

Holocaust: Hilter. 1933-1945. 12 years. 6 Mn. killed.
Holodomor: Stalin. 1932-1933. 2 years. 7.5 Mn killed.

Why is Hitler synonymous with evil and not Stalin? Because History is selective. Who you ally with, unfortunately, matters. Who wins, unfortunately, matters.

Here's a tribute (yes, tribute) to Stalin by uncle nehru himself:(note the words: "that is immaterial" below - such were - and are - our leaders)

"So here was this man who created in his lifetime this bond of affection and admiration among vast numbers of human beings, a man who has gone through this troubled period of history. He made mistakes in the opinion of some or he succeeded—that is immaterial—but everyone must necessarily agree about his giant stature and about his mighty achievements."

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