Sunday, June 14, 2015

What does the Guru do?

The hill below refers to Tiruvannamalai and the dining hall that of RamaNAshramam. i particularly liked the last sentence.
The Guru draws you to him, holds you by the hand, takes you to the Ultimate Reality, shows you the Truth - right there in front of you, squat and solid, like a nice, rounded hill - and says, 'There! Seek no further. Rest here, free of all cares'. Then, after slaking your parched mind of its millennial thirst, he leads you to the dining hall, and says, "Sit here and eat to your hearts content - the rice and dal of eternity'. You laugh , really relaxing for the first time in many lives. It's so simple and so funny, this divine play. Now you belong to Him for life. No donation can offset your debt. the debt to the Guru can only be repaid by setting someone else free. Somewhere, your Guru awaits you; you think you're looking for him, but actually he has been watching over you, pursuing you from life to life.
From "Acts of Faith, Journeys to Sacred India. Makarand R. Paranjape. Hay House Publishers (India), Pg. 52"

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