Monday, September 28, 2015

śloka to get a Guru

Anyone on the ādhyātmic path yearns for a sadguru. Not sure where i read this but reciting the 29th śloka from śri bhagavatpāda śankaracāryā's śivānandalahari is recommended to find one:

त्वत्पादांबुजमर्चयामि  परमंत्वां चिन्तयाम्यन्वहम्
त्वामीशं शरणंव्रजामि वचसात्वामेव याचे विभो |

वीक्षां मे दिश चाक्षुषीं सकरुणां दिव्यैश्चिरं प्रर्थितां
शम्भो लोकगुरो मदीयमनसः सौख्योपदेशं कुरु ||29||

(very rough) Meaning:

i worship your lotus feet and think about you everyday, O bhagavān!

i just have a request from you - please look towards me with your compassionate look - the look that the devā-s pray for too. O Guru of the universe, please give me the upadeśa (guidance) that is felicitous to my mind.


Sandeep Bhasin said...

... and if I pronounce the shloka / a part there off wrongly, what ill will it have?

Sharan Sharma said...

Hi Sandeep: No ill at all! Unlike a mantra which can have consequences on account of bad/mis-pronounciation, slokas are very safe.