Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perverted Secularism

As a superb example of the perversion of thought in the current Indian mind, TOI's front-page says:
Ramlila Maidan was first associated with the fine fabric of communal harmony when the Mughal emperors allotted this space to the Hindu population to celebrate Dussehra
Before we proceed, note that today's Hindu population in ~80% of India. i'm guessing here, but five hundred years ago, this might have been 90%. So 90% of the population were allotted a piece of land to celebrate their festival. Wowie!

Apparently, the fine fabric of communal harmony is further made up of the following elements of humiliation.

Exhibit 1
During his reign, tens of thousands of temples were desecrated: their facades and interiors were defaced and their murtis (divine images) looted. In many cases, temples were destroyed entirely; in numerous instances mosques were built on their foundations, sometimes using the same stones.  
Exhibit 2
In India, Islamic rulers imposed jizya starting in the 11th century.
Oh but that's okay. After subjugating and humiliating the people of the land, they gave them a piece of land to celebrate. That's what is important.

This is the kind of reporting that leads the Hindu to feel that she is being continuously taken for a fool. And stokes anger. "Fine fabric of communal harmony"? Who buys that kind of an argument? And in the information age where facts can be easily verified.

The sane thing to do is present facts. Or if you don't want to do that, at least please don't not wring history's neck the way it's done in this example article. The day our education, political intellectual, historical systems are honest, that day we will see things changing for the better.

All of this doesn't mean for a second that i support anger or violence citing historical wrong-doing. "They demolished our temple 632 years ago, now we want revenge". That's plain wrong.

The ideal setting is for an honest acknowledgement from the above systems that wrongs were committed in the past in the name of religion (and is still being done)- without nonsense like "oh, ______ Mughal ruler did it only for commercial reasons and not religious reasons". And on the other side to please let go, stop wasting time and move on in life.

Ganapati Bappa Morya

With Ganesh Chaturthi 'round the corner, it is time to pray for those people who publish things like this:
To Ganesh for removing obstacles, a good way to start any project or ritual:
Ganapati Bappa Morya
Pudhachya Varshi Lovkar Yaa

The meaning of this actually is: O Lord Ganapati, please come soon next year.

Hey Bhagavan.