Tuesday, August 01, 2006

5. Category : Philosophy, Life and Indian Culture

- This is a listing of all the Philosophy as well as Indian Culure posts on this blog.

- Over the years i've developed some dislike for dry philosophical discourse or speculative philosophy. I'm more interested in philosophy that can make our lives more enjoyable.

4. Saved by Voltaire again
3. Which is the real one? The answer
2. Which is the real one?
1. Facing Life (Nietzsche)

Indian Culture
4. Happy Deepavali
3. Vande Mataram : salutations to theMotherland
2. Ya right (some amazing Sanskrit poetic creations)
1. Happy Nagapanchami

Series on Lord Ganapati

1. Part I : On the form
2. Part II : More on the form
3. Part III : Obstacle maker or Destroyer of Obstacles?
4. Part IV : On 4, 21 and twin-blade worship

2. The auditory equivalent of the solitary tulip
1. A single tulip can be my garden

Making Someone Happy


Anonymous said...


Please support the creation of a separate Union Territory for TN Brahmins. Your support and ideas are very much appreciated. Please visit the site:


Sharan Sharma said...

Hello 'Anonymous',
Thank you for dropping by.

I understand the frustrations fully. i guess that's where this idea of a separate union territory is coming from. In my view, the present situation is actually a boon in disguise. Scores of Brahmin families have found new opportunities outside TN due to the recent happennings which they earlier would not have.

I also see a resurgence in some Brahmins towards properly understanding the duties of a Brahmin. i believe it is the present situation that has woken them up. Just as well.

As a community we have to look within and constantly strive for excellence. No number of Karus can then be a barrier. This is also a natural way to develop respect. As a community we have always believed in simple living and high thinking leaving the rest to God/destiny to decide. It ismy view that we should continue to do so without losing hope.

Thank you the link as well. I will leave my comments there as well.

Anonymous said...

Unless Brahmins particukarly iyengars shed their cunning and irrational activities there cannot be any unity amongst brahmins

Anonymous said...