Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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This page contains all posts concerning Politics, Media and Current Affairs. Also some interesting news titbits.

On Reservations
6. Update on evil Arjun and Reservations
5. The reservation madness in Kerala continues
4. The reservation madness continues
3. Seeing the humour in reservations
2. Vile VP's quote on reservations/Mandal II
1. State of the Indian police

Current Affairs + Other news
18. Pirating Flims? You Goonda!
17. Countering Naxalites : The Govt.'s deep secret
16. The News : 8 for the day
15. Imagine Bombay University doing this?
14. YSR
13. Bombay blasts : Leave the grieving alone!
12. Bombay blasts
11. Quick Quiz -1 (ramadoss joke)
10. Bombay's rain woes - F*** the citizens
9. The local news
8. Powerful Pakistani Islamic clerics form a club
7. Laloo chockolate
6. McEnroe drops pants in anger
5. And i died laughing - 4 Post that partially contains news on Vijaykanth
4. Bappi and Rahman team up!
3. State of the Indian police
2. Goa officials study Cannes festival
1. TN election special

11. The Prez's website. And the PM's?
10. YSR (for the wikipedia reporting part)
9. Bombay blasts - leave the grieving alone!
8. The local news
7. Football fever inreases world's population
6. More tummy journalism
5. Glorious Journalism (a whole article on some actresses' tummy upset!)
4. Today's blooper
3. Data Misrepresentation - Population definition
2. Creative headlines dept. (headline on hututu is my fav. sport)
1. The shameless fourth estate (2 reputed newspapers claiming the same exclusive interview!)

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