Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Camera + Home snap

Finally got a new camera - about a week now. Given that fall is almost in full form, couldn't wait any longer and miss out on the colours.

The new camera
Not something hi-tech. Nikon 7600. Just a warning for those of you planning to buy a camera:
a) I do find that it fails to take good pictures in low light and indoors - gives 'blurred image' warnings too often.
b) Before buying this camera, i had gone through reviews and had found many complaining of the same. I took a chance though - i was running out of time and had to take a decision fast + was already used to a Nikon and had it's charger etc.
c) Speaking of charger, this is a battery guzzler. So you have to buy a rechargable battery /charger set along with the camera.
d) Time-to-flash (i forget the technical name) is quite long. So i take a snap requiring flash and then i would have to wait quite some time for it to be ready to take another snap requiring the flash.

First snap
Meanwhile, here's the very first picture from the new camera. This is my home's backyard - it's got a nice mini valley that you might just about figure out from the snap. The sunsets are spectacular. The best time to capture them would have been in the summer (when i didn't have the camera!) - it get's pretty cloudy nowadays and rains often.


Sandeep Bhasin said...

Finally you bought one! The snap looks cool. Just take care of your camera. I have Nikon 8700 and paid Rs. 5900/- to get it serviced recently. Its easier to buy one but quite expensive to maintain it. And when you buy an expensive camera, you would like to give it to anybody but an authorised service centre for servicing. I guess that's where the costs are.

But all said and done, a Nikon is a Nikon, the best your money can buy. Congrats!

Sharan Sharma said...

Thanks Sandeep. Will try and take good care of it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! When are you going to invite me to your home?

Sandeep Bhasin said...

P.S. : you will find it difficult to adjust to the madness of lokhandwala, for sure!

Kshitij L said...

Okay, that does it... how are real estate prices in Michigan?

Sharan Sharma said...

Welcome anytime! Open invitation!

Hey Kshitij,
back from shaadi?
Ann Arbor incidentally is one of the most expensive places in the US :) - seriously!
But yes, it's a lovely place with great culture and fantastic people - probably due to being a univ. town.

Yes - but our long Juhu walks will compensate!