Saturday, November 12, 2011


ऒम् नमो भगवते रुद्राय !

We were blessed to be at Tiruvannamalai last month. Here are six pictures taken - was quite happy with the images coming from a cellphone!

The verses are those of the Arunachala Pancharatnam composed by Sri Ramana Himself. Have tried a loose translation - apologies for mistakes, if any. See here for more detail.

करुणापूर्णे सुधाब्धे कबलितघनविश्वरूप किरणावल्या
अरुणाचल परमात्मनरुणो भव चित्तकञसुविकासाय || 1 ||

O, one who is overflowing with compassion!
 O, ocean of nectar! By whose rays the dense universe is swallowed.
O Supreme Self Arunachala! Be thou the sun that fully blossoms my mind lotus!

त्वय्यरुणाचल सर्वम् भूत्वास्थित्वा प्रलीनमेतच्चित्रम्
हृद्यहमित्यात्मतया नृत्यसि भोः ते वदन्ति हृदयन्नाम || 2 ||

In you, O Arunachala, does this picture come into being, exists and is destroyed.
The Self-essence in the form of ‘I’ are you who dances in the heart!
They say ‘heart’ is your name. 


अहमिति कुतः आयातीत्यन्विष्यान्तः प्रविष्टयात्यमलधिया
अवगम्यस्वम्रूपम् शाम्यत्यरुणाचल त्वयि नदीवब्धौ || 3 ||

A very pure mind having entered within by inquiring “From where does this ‘I’ come”, and having known one’s own Self, becomes still.
In you, O Arunachala, like a river in the ocean!

त्यक्त्वा विषयम् बाह्यम् रुद्धप्राणेन रुद्धमनसान्तस्त्वाम्
ध्यायन्पश्यति योगी दीधितिम् अरुणाचल त्वयि महीयम् ते || 4 ||

Meditating on you after rejecting externalities by means of a restrained breath and mind, the yogi sees Light, O Arunachala!
They are exalted in you.

त्वय्यर्पितमनसा त्वाम् पश्यन् सर्वम् तवाकृतितया सततम्
भजते अनन्य प्रीत्या सा जयत्यरुणाचल त्वयि सुखे मग्नः || 5 ||

O Arunachala! Seeing you by means of a mind surrendered to you, he triumphs, O Arunachala, who always worships everything as your form with undistracted love!
He drowns in happiness in you.

श्रीमद्रमणमहार्षेर् दर्शनमरुणाचलस्य देवगिरा
पञकमार्यागितौ रत्नम् त्विदमौपनषदम् हि || 6 ||

These five verses in the Arya meter on the holy hill of Arunachala are revealed by Sri Ramana Maharishi. They are indeed Upanishadic gems.


Shubha said...

Beautiful photos! Love the second & fourth ones, especially...

Sharan Sharma said...

Thanks, S. Not the first?

Archana said...

Wow....Loved the translation. Feels as though the pictures have come alive and speaking to us.

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Amazing photographs... wonderful packaging!

Sharan Sharma said...

thank you, sir...kya sirf packaging? :)