Monday, September 14, 2015

Sage aruṇagirinātha's tiruppugazh in 'Kaaviyathalaivan'

Lovely rendering. Hats off to A.R.Rahman and the director. [sage aruṇagirinātha and the divine tiruppugazh].
This is #36 in tiruppugazh (EvinainErvizhi). A very helpful comment below the audio-only version of the video (which also has the ālāpane) also gives the meaning of these particular verses in English (slightly edited below):

Here I am - extremely lustful, chasing the 'arrow-shaped' eyes of women, characterless, unread, an impoverished soul afflicted by diseases due to my previous karma , lacking in truthfulness.

I've come to You to seek Your holy blessings. Please do not discard me.

Your holy bejewelled feet with anklets should give me eternal bliss....will you give me your feet to attain this bliss?

Once the sage Narada, who is praised by all Lords, informed you of the existence of a Kuruva girl (Goddess Valli) and you accompanied her in the deep forests and became a warrior.

O my Lord, mount the holy peacock, O, younger son of Manonmani, the mother of good speech,  abode in your favorite holiest city (Thiruchendur) where the shrubs and groves reaches the skies, O Perumal (Muruga)!

A word-for-word meaning and sAhitya is given here.

This is one of those songs that transport you to a different era, a different world - that doesn't care for your corporate/academic success - a world of sweet devotion and perfect simplicity and sincerity.

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