Friday, July 21, 2006

Update on evil Arjun and Reservations

Before i give you any update (in other words venting out my own frustration), take a look at this screen-shot:

Please note:
1. The words 'titanic vision' in quotes. Almost like they knew the titanic chaos the man was going to cause.

2. Creative caption (by the way, it's clipped off - he's not Prime Minister as yet)

3. Note the word 'Amrut' (nectar) right between the two Singhs. Now, recall the Kurma Avatar story and the battle for the divine nectar between the forces of good and evil. You know what i am getting at.

4. The full story that appeared last year here. Note disproportionate coverage and evil's quote somewhere in between:
" the only guide to a man is his conscience"

Now, let's come back to the update. Two of them.

1. If anyone can do this, he's definitely evil. The bomb blasts happenned on July 11th, 2006. This man the very next day makes a statement on reservations for Muslims - it's almost as if he was crying for attention. And he was talking about conscience on his birthday.

Incidentally, one more example of his conscience, which was noted by blogger barbarindian here. I won't spoil it for you. Alternatively, see evil's official webpage - click on biodata and check what he gives his profession as. Conscience?

2. Now, forget that, evil went one step further. In the cabinet meeting called to discuss the blasts, he and another extraordinary statesman, Antulay, suggested that 'Hindu' groups were behind the blasts so that they could then blame Muslims!!! See here. Apparently, our PM wasn't interested in this theory:

"....this prompted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to urge the Ministers to refrain from raising 'divisive issues' in the Cabinet before bringing them to his attention"

3. Few days ago, evil again woke up. Maybe he gets up everyday thinking, what do i disrupt today. He's made this statement:

" The impressive growth had gone hand-in-hand with a mounting agrarian distress and price rise. A vast number of people remained untouched by the mesmerising statistics, which the people had rejected decisively in the last elections."
Now, i don't know too much about this, but do Human Resource ministers also take decisions on the economy?

Anyway, enough of evil....on reservations, i had forgotten to post this gem - Reservation in Sports in UP! The fact that they are even thinking about it...

And secondly, reader Camelpost kindly drew my attention to this - a comment she/he left here:
(sorry for the bad formatting...didn't have time to do it up)

This is an analysis of the ranks of students admitted at NIT Calicut from Kerala: Source Hindu Education Plus 11/7/2006.

Branch, Last rank in open category, First Rank in SC Category, Last in SC Category.
Architecture 1992 7597 15799
Civil 14054 99803 113527
Comp Science 5186 41238 83642
Electrical 7246 37792 85362
Electronics 2921 12058 37362
Mech 8191 38875 82922
ProdEngg 9907 89380 90498
Chemical 12326 92769 102590

Need i say more?

Yes, i know this is SC/ST and not OBC. But my stand is that there are much, much, much better ways to improve standards for the backward castes. And OBCs especially - that's just plain vote bank politics


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