Friday, July 14, 2006

Which is the real one? The answer...

Firstly apologies for not posting the answer to this on tuesday, as i had promised while responding to the post's comments - the Bombay blasts had got me quite upset.

The answer:

Two monks were in front of a temple flag pole.

Monk 1 : The flag flutters.
Monk 2 : No. It is the wind that flutters.

The 6th patriarch intervened:
"Neither the flag nor the wind. It is your mind that flutters"

What is reality? Are we sure that what we perceive is real? How much of reality are our senses blocking out? Are our senses ever capable of perceiving reality?

...and if you are sick of all this and just want a 'reasonable' answer to the question, ok...the first snap 'was closer to what i saw and the camera captured'. Is it the real thing? No.

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