Saturday, August 01, 2015

Please stop playing with the Veda!

This (starting 27:55) is the kind of idiocy that makes one's blood boil.

First, the Veda is not to be chanted by the uninitiated - this is pure trampling on sacred ground. Second, the pronunciation is absolutely terrible. Third, she goes on to say something like "if you want to pass this course, you have to chant" and then "c'mon, don't be's very easy". Easy? Ma'am, even after growing up in an environment full of Veda we spend YEARS to get it right. We approach the Veda in an extremely sacred way. The orthodox will not even recite a syllable if they are not in their traditional wear and do not deem themselves pure enough. There are disciplines we follow to get there.  This is our tradition. Please don't steal it and abuse it. And no, this is not some kind of secular knowledge that you can just pick up - even if you were told otherwise by your friendly neighborhood Indologist. dhanyavadah.

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