Monday, May 15, 2006

Ann Arbor: More Early Spring

Some more pics on popular demand after this
I'll try posting a few pics a day till i run out! Have four snaps today: (click to enlarge):
check the dudes on the right - leather look and all

Look at the glistening leaves! So fresh! Saying all this reminds me of an old Zen tale. I forget who the monks in question were but the story runs that a Zen monk and his master went out for their customary daily walk. The student had just had a mystical experience and as it happens with these experiences, your senses just open up completely - in a sublime way. So the student kept exulting at every thing he saw on the way. And he just couldn't understand why the master wasn't appreciating the beauty:"Sir, don't you think these flowers are a sheer delight".

The reply: "Yes. But what a pity to say so". Isn't that an amazing insight! Participate, Experience, IMMERSE.
Well, i'm like that student in the story right now - so bear with me!

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