Monday, May 15, 2006


Well, for those unfamiliar with this word (just coined) - it's a compound between Arbor and Aranya. Quite a fusion, eh? Aranya in Sanskrit loosely means forest. The word is always associated with contemplation and images that come to mind - thanks to Amar Chirta Katha - are deer frolicking about, bearded (white beards, we must hasten to add) 'sadhus' perusing palm leaves etc. - you get the picture.
Well, what a surprise when i landed in Ann Arbor and found quite a correspondence (save for white beards - just replace that with bermuda shorts!).
This place is an Aranya! Don't believe me? Check the snaps out....(click for larger image)
Incidentally, the town is named Ann Arbor after 'Ann' - the wife of one of the founders of the city and 'Arbor' - for the abundant oak woods that were there in the 1800s.

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