Thursday, May 18, 2006


Some pertinent points have been made by members of the discerning public about the new joint gold medalist:

1) If the horse slid down the truck, as it did, was Chiranjeev's leg underneath the horse? If so, it would have positively been subject to some dastardly disfigurement. However, the hero shows no trace of pain on his angry face. How come?

Response from the judges:
a. This is a movie, idiot

b. It is difficult, even when viewed in slow motion, to see whether Chiranjeev's leg was under or over the horse. However, all this is beside the point. What matters is that the horse slid down the truck

c. The member conveniently suggests, without any justification, that the emotion on Chiranjeev's face is that of anger. We claim it is extreme pain or a potent mix of 5 parts pain + 3 parts anger.

2) A certain Mr. Sandeep Bhasin asks "If the jeep can jump over the truck, why couldn't the horse"
Everyone expects horses to jump - but how many horses do we know that slide down trucks? This was a marvellous attempt by the director to showcase hitherto-hidden equine talents. Good question, however.

3) Was there a race going on between the guy in the jeep and Chiranjeev? They seem to be rushing towards some imaginary finishing line.

Response from the judges:
This is a mischievous attempt to divert attention away from the heroics displayed so prominently. What has this got to do with the award? We refuse to answer such frivolous questions.

3) So how did the horse slide under the truck? If it fell at one place, abundant assistance from Newton's first law suggests that the direction of the momentum vector would prevent it from sliding under the truck.

Response from the judges:
a. The member is asked to see point a of the answer to the first question.
b. How can you rule out divine providence? There is ample evidence, (see for example the joint gold medalist) to suggest that divine providence is always in play.
So what's the fuss?

4) Does this scene have anything to do with 'True Lies' - where Arnold Schwarzenegger is all over the hotel on the horse.

Response from the judges:
a. Finally, a worthy question
b. In fact, it was after seeing this only (sic) memorable scene that James Cameron sir decided to do the ghoda scene in True Lies. The only thing no sir, is that the ghodas in USA are not used to doing stunts no, so the ghoda in True Lies refuses to leap over. But look at our braveheart! (no pun intended)


Sandeep Bhasin said...

No. No! What I don't understand is that when you are 'Chiranjeev’ i.e., one who lives till eternity, why should you run away from the goons? You are expected to just stand there and fight. Secondly, if the Jeep can jump, I think the horse should have also jumped. There is some conceptual misunderstanding which needs to be rectified immediately. Can we, by the way, ask the Director to please re-shoot the sequence?

Sharan Sharma said...

Yes, the horse jumping across the truck is a critical point. The director will be notified immediately.
Thank you, Mr. Bhasin