Monday, May 15, 2006


This is in response to Sandeep's message on the previous post. This is our very own Juhu beach in Bombay! Sorry for the bad quality but this was taken from a mobile phone (sometime last year).

Sandeep and I used to go on long walks on Juhu every other fortnight (after profuse apologizing to his wife, Anu - we used to not take her along!) discussing a lot of with any other normal human being, we never tired of watching the waves, the sky and especially the sunset.

And the sky used to broadcast special messages to its patrons - at least those who cared to watch and not hog 'bhel puri' - on this day, check the nice heart sign its made! Wonder if it was some 'healthy heart day' or that blessed Valentines day - if it was, then am sure this was just God getting sucked into the marketing cesspool.

Some more Juhu snaps follow. I like the first one of the following the best. Not for anything else, but can you see how even the bhel-puri crowd is just awestruck. Practically everyone seems to be just watching the show! There's hope for culture!

And the creme de la creme...

What is this? Its a loootttttt of people waiting patiently in a queue to go to the loo - the sole loo at Juhu beach at this entrance, not counting the unofficial ones (namely, the entire stretch of the beach) . I have never ventured inside this loo but confirmed sources tell me there are a full 5 filthy urinals inside - that's a lot given that are just about 700 people on the beach on a Sunday evening. yeah! Kudos to the govt.
But to the end this post, what i find heartening is that these folks are actually standing in the line - and might i add, in quite an orderly fashion. Sometimes i think its because of these folks that India is running.

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Anonymous said...

Good old days... but i am sure, things will not change. even today, things are the same. As a leading economist puts it, the basic problem is of infrastructure. For average guys like us, this is what it means.