Monday, May 15, 2006


No. Not Princeton as in Princeton, NJ, USA. This is about Princeton Academy Mumbai II . Yes, 'Princeton Academy Mumbai II' as opposed to 'Princeton Academy Mumbai I'.
The said academy honoured me be sending me an unsolicited (read - 'spam') mail. Was pure entertainment. Starts off on a very philosphical note: "Time. There's never enough of it". True.
Then go on to check the last line in the print-screen above: 'Have you ever worked your tail off?". No. I have sometimes worked my ass off. But never my tail.

Second gem: the last line below:
After attending this workshop, your manager "Will keep the Main Thing the Main Thing". We always wanted to keep the 'Main Thing' the 'Main Thing'. Useful stuff.
Third set of gems:
1) They cover the 'Paretoes's principle'. As opposed to Parefingers' principle. Also, can someone sponsor these guys for an English course? [The actual principle is the Pareto's principle - the familiar 80:20 rule (eg. 80% of the consequences stem from 20% of the actions) named after economist Vilfredo Pareto]
2) We'll also learn how to 'use less time putting out fires each day'. Maybe they also teach us to fires?.
3) Also in the agenda is 'Discarding the majority of paper that crosses your desk'. Is this just bad English?
4) Lastly, their claim to fame: "a time management workshop that's actually worth everyone's time!". Well, if it can keep me as entertained as reading this , am willing to pay the Rs. 4,300/- they've asked for.
Yea, you heard right- 4300 quid. I don't know why we slog it out rather than do stuff like this. There are enough geezers willing to sign up for such courses. Can you imagine 4300 greenbacks (or Gandhibacks) from even 100 individuals. That's 430,000 bucks. And am sure we can do MUCH better than Princeton Academy Mumbai II.

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