Monday, May 15, 2006

Average of 2 numbers

What's the average of 10 and 350? 180? Wrong.
a) You don't need to be a stat/math person to figure this out
b) see 'Avoiding Statistical Pitfalls' - Christopher Chatfield. Statistical Science, Vol 6, No.2 (Aug., 1991), pg. 242
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Kshitij L said...

I don't get it. Unless my education has been woefully incorrect (and I wouldn't put it past NCERT and CBSE) isn't average defined as

x-bar = (summation (xi))/n

So isn't it 360/2 = 180?

Anonymous said...

Sir, our university library has not subscribed to the journal which you have mentioned. Can you please send a copy of the paper to sramanujam.k at gmail dot com or please post an explanation at your blog?

Sharan Sharma said...

Hi Srinivasa,
i've just sent you an e-mail giving you the answer.Thanks.